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Enotre Delicato – 5 liters tin


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The Enotre Delicato Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the 5 liters tin.


The award winning Enotre Delicato EVOO

Enotre extra virgin olive oil comes from the southern Italian region of Calabria, at the foot of the Sila Crotonese Mountains. Obtained by the Carolea variety, Enotre has a medium fruity flavor and a low acidity due both to the type of cultivar and to the altitude at which it is produced.

Following the most modern methods of pressing, the oil is extracted, respecting the environment and without chemicals. The result is a savor but delicate olive oil, with a very low acidity and a fruity taste which enhances the flavor of any dish, without covering it. “Enotre fruttato delicato” delicately combines the authenticity and the taste of an extra virgin olive oil, modern agronomic techniques together with the passion of the tradition for oil production. Enotre Delicato is certified Organic (IT-BIO-004 18-22898, Suolo e Salute).



  • Award winner EVOO in 2020 (3 leaves Gambero Rosso (ITA).
  • Award winner EVOO in 2019 (New York International Olive Oil Context (US) , 3 leaves Gambero Rosso (ITA), Slow Food (ITA).
  • Award winner EVOO previous years (Gambero Rosso 2015, Jerusalem 2015, Flos Olei 2017).


Enotre extra virgin olive oil contains per 100% g:

Acidity* (0.14), Peroxides* (5.43 meq O2/kg), Calories (828cal), Proteins (0g), Carbohydrates (0g), Fats 91.3g: (saturated 14.1g/Monounsaturated 68.0g, Polyunsaturated 9.2g), Cholesterol (0g), Sodium (0g), Vitamin E (12mg).

* Analysis performed by AIPO on November 20th 2019

Enotre 5 liters tin
Enotre 5 liters tin

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